Ransomware Removal/Remediation

Is your data being held hostage? Chances are, you have been infected by one of the many variations of ransomware. Without proper backup, recovering your files is a daunting task and most people do not know where to start. Our technicians have the capability of removing the malware responsible for the encryption and helping you to restore your data.

Common signs of malware:

  • Are your files backed up?
  • What were you doing that caused the computer problems?
  • Is your computer protected against infections?
  • How old is your computer?
  • Is the computer for business or personal use?

The Computer Hospital Remediates Crypto Infections!

You may have heard of the most recent and alarming string of Ransomware by many different names including Cryptowall, Cryptolocker, Locky, TeslaCrypt and so on.

The variations of Crypto are being created at an alarming rate and remediating its effects is a daunting task. While the virus can be removed relatively easily, the damage left behind is not to be taken lightly.

Crypto is designed to almost instantly encrypt your business and personal data. This includes pictures, videos, Word files, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations, PDF files and more. Most variations will reach out across the network and encrypt the data on other computers in the environment as well.

Once the data is encrypted, you are prompted with instructions on how to decrypt the data and how much the ransom is. The decryption process is quite costly and the ransom can only be paid in Bitcoin.

Your best line of defense against Crypto is a good backup solution.

If you have already been a victem, please call or email and ask us about remediation options and how to prevent having your data held for ransom in the future.

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